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No Quantum 3D!

Why? Well – to explain this follows this story:

The decisive factor for my rejection of Q3D was ultimately a person, a man from Poland, who sent me his Quantum 3D cards for repair. After days of painstaking work, I repaired the completely dilapidated and filthy cards, replaced chips, cleaned them, etc. It took me many hours, and I charge just little € for an hour. He was upset that it was so expensive, and the highlight was that he accused me of doing a bad job because a crappy little sticker had faded a bit due to the cleaning.

Instead of being happy that all the cards are working again, he’s upset about a fucking sticker? Are they all sick? It makes me sick and I’m fed up with it. I then told him that he should find someone else to do his shit in future. He can take it to a professional company and pay €80 per technician working hour. Since then I’ve decided – never repairing Q3D again – it’s always annoying, unfortunately this man was not an isolated case. What’s more, these are not sophisticated systems. Many Q3D cards are at prototype level.

The people take it all apart and put it together 1000 times, because it’s so cool. But they forget that all the Q3D stuff was never designed to be used so often. It was designed to be assembled once and then operated. That is the sober fact. End of story.

That’s why all the Q3D stuff is 95% broken by people who have no idea but want to make a name for themselves by owning it to polish their ego. Maybe I should post this on my website. Sorry for being so straightforward, it’s not meant personally.

Just many years of experience.
So I ask you to respect this and refrain from such requests until now.

Yours sincerely

HQ Vintage-Soundcards & Wavetable Modules.

Coming soon.


Stephan „Backfire“