Help to carry out fault isolation on your beloved Voodoo’s

Here I give you an English 3dfx troubleshooting guide to help you locate the error on your graphics card. Please note, this is not a repair instruction but only to give you the possibility to determine where or what on your Voodoo Card could be defective. This guide is based on years of experience in repairing these cards for which professional experience is extremely important.

!Please never, really never bake a Voodoo Card in an oven! This is, contrary to the reports on the internet, absolute nonsense and will certainly cause more damage than desired. This bullshit has already executed many Voodoo Cards that would have been easy to repair. I urgently ask you not to make any repair attempts if you do not have the necessary expertise and tools. Please rather put the cards into competent and experienced hands.

Meanwhile I can look back on over 40 years of experience in electrical engineering. I would really like to help you to repair and maintain these cards. Also I work with several people who have the same knowledge and are able to change BGA chips – for example a VSA100 or a HINT. All this helped me to create this 3dfx troubleshooting guide

3dfx Troubleshooting Guide, help plans, hints and notes

The following gives you access to the troubleshooting plans, perform initial evaluation and do fault isolation on the devices.

Please see my Troubleshooting help plans



But before you start any soldering work: Please keep in mind that these old components that are working now may fail after soldering, even after only one reflow, even if you have done everything right. Especially the memory chips are very sensitive. Proper cooling is of the essence.